Designed for the absolute beginner, L2Code HTML provides an intuitive and effective way to easily learn basic HTML coding skills!
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"I love the new version. It now looks modern, clean and transparent. I also like some hints that show up every so often (e.g. about seo optimisation). I really enjoy the course and hope new more advanced content will be added in the future. "

"This is coming from someone who is smart but has never coded or learned a single thing about coding in their life. Literally within 5 minutes I was writing html code. The thing that sets this app apart from many other coding apps are the "learn by doing" tutorials."

"You can learn literally in your spare time now thanks to this app."

"Absolutely amazing. Nothing more to be said. It is extremely helpful and helped guide me while still letting me practice and interact with the program. Anyone who wants to learn the language of the future should definitely buy this app. It is worth every penny."

"This is definitely the best tutorial for coding I have ever seen. I got the 15 dollar pack and it was worth it!"

"This a fantastic App. I've been wanting to create my own website for a long tIme and thought that learning about HTML was going to be so daunting but I was wrong. This app is brilliant because it's been really well thought out. The lessons make it so easy to learn in a way that you will easily remember what you've learned. I would definitely recommend this app."

"Breaks it down in an easy to follow layout. Excellent app for me since I have never done this before."

"Brilliantly designed and very easy to use with clear instructions. I've been using this app for two days, which has already given me an understanding of the basics. I now feel quite confident in learning more. Excellent app"

"Ive been trying to learn code for sometime now and so far this is the best teacher Ive found. Perfect examples and hands on experience during lessons."

"Best way to learn html5!"

"This is the fourth html tutorial I have tried and by far the most understandable. It helped me pull together everything I had previously learned into a cohesive vision of html!"

"Been playing with Wordpress and now the tags in <> don't look like Greek!"

"First timer but so far everything seems pretty awesome. Very teachable app."

"I've read books which can be a bit confusing, and I pick up (and remember) the patterns and language of coding much easier using this app. Good job, creators!"

"This gives a great HTML overview and is almost as good as having an instructor teach you."

"Amazing amazing amazing"

"This app is fantastic. The steps are simple, the tasks are fun, and the way they explain it makes the info easy to remember. It's a great way to learn code quickly and easily, and actually be able to use it! Definitely worth the price!"

"I have been coding HTML for a long time, but needed something to teach others coding basis. This is it!"

"This app is perfect. It's simple, beautiful, and easy to understand. I've retained more knowledge in 4 hours than I have at any moment learning code."

"I can't wait to start css. This app has definitely brought fun back into my learning."

"Great way to start your HTML learning process."

"I've learned more in one day than I did in a week of referencing and YouTube videos. It's definitely worth a try...I personally feel that everyone should have a good knowledge base on basic web code. After all we all use the web (at least most of us do by now). It can only serve u well."

"I've used several apps from these developers including CSS and JavaScript. So far I like them all!"

"I have experience in html already, but I've never ACTUALLY been taught how to do it. This app is great at refreshing my skills and showing that some of what I've been doing is redundant. very easy to get into and beautifully laid out"

"I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this app! It explains each step in detail about what to do & didn't make me feel like a dunce! I love it!"

"I've been an animator and graphic designer for three years, however I was never able to learn coding. Which as you can imagine was a huge set back on the graphic design end. Now, thanks to L2Code, I finally have ALL of the necessary graphic design skills!"

"This app is great and its easy to use. "

"Easy to use great for beginners I am really enjoying the app and it lets me work at my own pace and does everything step by step"

"I think this app is great. I'm 15 and this is a really easy way for me to learn to code and start programming. 10/10"

"With clear instructions, examples, and interface, these tutorials are perfect for beginners and low level experience guys like myself. Love it!"

"Makes learning very easy!"

"The step by step presentation and application within each lesson make this a great app for beginners and kids."

"Wow, I learned so much!"

"This app is the best. It does a great job teaching how to code in html. Afterwards you can practice what you've learned in the text editor. I love being able to program on the go!"

"Excellent design makes learning that much easier. It would be great if they came out with one for app development too!"

"Give this one a shot!"

"This app is really good at walking you through basic HTML for at least me, a beginner. Though I have not finished going through all the sections, it has so far been extremely helpful."

"I am by no means a coding wiz, but this app makes coding html easy."

"This is s very well written lesson plan that teaches you the fundamentals of "HTML". You could become a genetics physicists in short order if this developer wrote the lessons in an App. :) Buy their App bundle now!"

"Really good!!!!"

"Easy to use easy to love! You really get to see your results!"

"This app teaches you step by step how to do html. You only do one thing at a time and that makes it much easier to learn! Not to mention the fact that it comes with its own Text Editor so you can practice your new skills!!!"

"This app and along with the others are just overall genius. I can learn where ever I go!"

"I've visited over 50 websites and tried about 10 different apps that teach html but this is the SIMPLIST WAY TO LEARN."

"If you have ever been interested in coding HTML, here you go. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to do."

"A very simple way to learn HTML and a little more."

"Love the look and feel of this app. L2Code makes it very easy to understand for the novice."

"I love the fact that I can take it on the go and practice on my iphone or ipad. Great place to start learning the basics."

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"This app gave me a great sense of how HTML works. I can do a lesson on my phone whenever I have a few minutes. Once I finish this, I'll have a solid base to start learning CSS and other coding languages."

"Easy to understand and quick in getting in and doing it. I think it's very important to actually write the code to solidify it."

"So far finding very easy to follow."

"Very intuitive and easy to follow!"

"So far the app is very useful. The pace is just right for me."

"I'm a huge believer in you can only learn something, only if your doing it! Well that's all this app is about"

"I'm studying software engineering and currently I'm taking my web design class that started today. The class consist of XHTML,CSS, and Java Scripting. Let me tell you in a few minutes I'd learned how to write HTML!!"

"It's so fun and interactive. It also teaches you and corrects you if you wrote the code wrong. Simply put this is the best and exclusive app for only Apple devices."

"Easy to follow before when looking at html it was a jumble now you can see why code is there just like learning to drive with an instructor"

"I am learning how to code right here on my IPad. It's crazy how fast you can pick it up. I should be an expert soon. Lol. I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in html code."

"This is, by far, the best educational app on the App Store. Its interactive courses make learning HTML fun and easy! "

"Best app for a beginner to start HTML, thanks for the great work"

"If you want to learn HTML, this is a great place to start.. So impressed with this app."

"I've been using this app to brush up on my HTML, it has been very useful."

"10 minutes and first lesson in.... Loving it! Pretty good with XML so I'm hoping this gets very detailed into CSS"

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HTML Framework

Learn about the basic recommended tags you should use to create an HTML document.



Learn about some common tags used to display text inside the document body.


Text Formatting

Learn about some additional tags you can use to format text with only HTML markup.



Learn how to display and size an image on your web page.



Learn how to add data tables with column headers.



Learn how to create links to other resources on your web page.



Learn how to create a simple HTML form using common input controls.



Learn how to create unordered and ordered lists.


Grouping Content

Learn about some other common tags used to group content.


Tables Revisited

Learn how to group content in a table and other table formatting elements.


Forms Revisited

Learn how to create a simple HTML form with new elements.


Form Attributes

Learn how to use different attributes with form elements.


Form Styling

Learn how to use different attributes and elements to style forms.


Structural Elements

Learn how to use different HTML5 structural elements to separate content.


Meta Tags

Learn how to apply HTML meta tags within a document.



Learn how to embed media into web pages.

L2Code HTML's 16 step-by-step lessons make learning HTML easy, intuitive, and effective.

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